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Keeping the Different Sub-Zero Appliances Running Smoothly

Shortly after the first Sub-Zero appliances went up for sale, consumers discovered that they were a really nice product. The only thing that has changed in the years since then is that the quality of the Sub-Zero appliances has steadily improved. Even though the purchase price of the appliances is usually a bit higher than other brands, most consumers find that the amount of money they save on energy food bills, food waste, and repair bills more than makes up for the purchase price. Once you have used a Sub-Zero appliance, you’ll never want to use another brand of refrigerator.

Unlike some appliance brands which seem to have a one size fits all policy, the creators of the Sub-Zero know that every single person has different needs for their refrigeration system, and the company has done it’s best to comply by creating several different series. You can rest assured that you will be able to find at least one series that perfectly suits your needs.

The great thing about all of the Sub-Zero series is that they have been built to last. It’s unusual for the Sub-Zero brand to need much in the form of major appliance repairs. Some customers report they have been able to use their appliance for thirty years and rarely needed to invest in much more than basic maintenance work.

Sub-Zero 200 Series Repair

If you have a kitchen with really limited space, or you enjoy an outdoor kitchen, it’s likely that you’re using one of the Sub-Zero 200 series. This is an under-counter model that is very durable and has many of the features that the standard size units have.

Even if you know how to handle common fridge repair issues, you really don’t want to tackle repairs on your own. The units aren’t difficult to repair, but the fact that they’ve been built into the counters makes them hard to access and it won’t take long before your patience reaches its breaking point.

When it comes to Sub-Zero 200 series repair, it’s in your best interest to contact us. The repair tech that we send to your home or business has worked on lots of under counter fridges and knows how to handle the tight spaces. Most people who have these under the counter units also find that they like to prefer to have our repair technician come out when the condenser coil needs to be cleaned.

Sub Zero 200 Series Under counter Refrigerator

Sub-Zero 300 Series Repair

The Sub-Zero 300 Series is an excellent choice for anyone who needs an energy efficient side by side fridge and freezer. You’ll be getting a hardworking, deep unit that stores a great deal of food. In addition to adjustable shelves, you will enjoy a good external ice maker and water dispenser. The most common Sub-Zero 300 Series repair issues tend to do with the components of the external ice maker wearing out or getting clogged. Regular maintenance, combined with quality repairs when needed can greatly extend the life of your refrigerator.

Sub-Zero 400 Series Repair

Anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine with their dinner will want to seriously consider getting one of the Sub-Zero 400 series. Units in this series do all the things you expect from a fridge while also making sure your favorite bottle of wine is always perfectly chilled and ready to for you to enjoy. The most frequent Sub-Zero 400 series repair issues we deal with include:

  • Service light staying on even though the unit seems to be in perfect working order
  • The outside getting covered with a layer of condensation
  • The thermostat breaking down causing the unit to get too warm, or to run constantly

As soon as you start to notice your unit acting out of character, the best thing you can do is contact us about Sub-Zero 400 series repair. We’ll resolve the problem and you’ll be able to enjoy several more years of problem free use from the appliance.

Sub-Zero 500 Series Repair

The Sub-Zero 500 models are a great choice if you’re in the middle of an extensive remodeling project. These units are designed to be directly into one of the room’s inner walls, which gives you more floor space. When you find yourself in need of Sub-Zero 500 series refrigerator repair or maintenance, it’s very important to tell us if you had any custom features added to the unit. The more information you can provide us about your specific unit, the easier it will be for us to send the Sub-Zero 500 series repair tech who’s best qualified to do the job. Regular maintenance significantly reduces the odds of you ever needing any extensive repair work done.

Sub Zero 600 Series Repair

The Sub Zero 600 series refrigerators are huge side by side units that are great for residents with huge families or restaurants. The key to making sure that you rarely need to take advantage of our Sub Zero 600 series refrigerator repair services is being diligent about changing the filter and keeping the condenser coil clean. When you do these two things, you will be adding years to the life of the unit, and also practically eliminate the odds of you ever having to contact us about emergency repair.

Sub Zero 600 Series refrigerator repair

Sub-Zero 700 series Repair

It has come to our attention that many of the Sub-Zero 700 series repair jobs we deal with wouldn’t have happened if the owners hadn’t tried to overfill the freezer section Not only does overfilling the two drawer system make it impossible for the unit to circulate air properly, but it also puts a great deal of strain on each of the drawers and can make the drawers difficult to open.

No matter what series of Sub-Zero refrigeration units you own, you can rest assured that when you find yourself in need of repair and contact us, that we’ll take care of the problem promptly and accurately. Every member of our team is perfectly qualified to work on your Sub-Zero refrigerator and we only use replacement parts that have been approved by the manufacturer.  

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